My name is Sarah Komendat.  I am a recent graduate of the Creative Studies Graduate Program at Buffalo State College.  I have my undergraduate degree in Arts for Children.  I have my Teacher's Certificates for Childhood Education (1-6) and Students with Disabilities in Childhood Education (1-6).

   I am a substitute teacher who enjoys playing sports, being invovled in creativity activities, and spending time with my fiance Matt and his two nephews.   In this competitive education field, I decided to get my Master's in Creativity and Change Leadership.  I knew that this would set me apart from other aspiring teachers, but what I did not know is how it would change my life.
   Through my time in the Creative Studies department at Buffalo State College, I learned a lot about myself, how to be creative, teach creativity, and be a better teacher. I changed as a person.  The program and professors forced me to dig deep within myself to find my internal motivation for my life.  I have never felt so motivated to continue my education, create meaningful goals, and do what it takes to meet my goals.  I am most certainly proud about the willingness I feel within myself to actually go out into the world and involve creativity with learning.  One way I am going to build this fire within me is to volunteer at the Tinkering School in Buffalo in this coming August 2011.  For more information on this creativity project, please visit their website at  

    Playing sports has always been a big part of my life.  When life becomes stressful, I feel that there is nothing like a hard-played soccer game to bring me back into focus.  I love team sports because when I was growing up it was the teams I was part of that gave me a sense of belonging and friendship.  In the near future (Spring 2011), I plan to pay this feeling forward as I become a little league coach.  The soccer field is even more special to me as it is where I met my fiance, Matt.  He has always been a great supporter of my endeavors and we plan to coach soccer together.

Getting kids involved in Creative Problem Solving
Getting the family involved in Creative Problem Solving